There’s still time to register for our next webinar, which will cover concrete roundabout design & construction.

Please register early, as demand is very strong and is limited to the first 950 people. This popular topic, along with other topics in our technology transfer program, all begin at noon (Central) on the dates shown below.

  • (October 20)Concrete Roundabout Design & Construction. With the increasing popularity and use of roundabouts, which are used to keep traffic flowing and improve safety. The webinar will cover current best practices in concrete roundabout design and construction. Our presenters are Steve Waalkes (Michigan Concrete Association) and Eric Ferrebee (ACPA).
  • (November 17)Lifecycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) in Pavement Design.(Presenters TBA.) Roadbuilding agencies are faced with funding dilemmas and project prioritization every day, a situation further  amplified because of COVID-19. LCCA, as part of a Road Network Health initiative, will help agencies build a plan that looks at not only initial costs, but also ongoing costs. Understanding what the true project ROI is critical to maximizing efficiencies of every funding dollar and this webinar explains how LCCA can help support project planning.
  • (December 15) Concrete Pavement Thickness Design and Slab Geometry.  (Presenters TBA.) Many factors are considered when designing pavements for highways, intersections, roundabouts and bus stops. Learn about how DOT’s and municipalities take complex challenges and turn them into applicable solutions.

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