Concrete Pavement Quality and Economy was the theme of a technology transfer event sponsored jointly by the Kansas DOT and the concrete pavement industry in Missouri/Kansas.

The approximately five hour event held last week included presentations and discussions on concrete pavement design, construction, and evaluation/acceptance technologies that have the potential to improve the industry’s product offerings and offer opportunities for economic value.

Todd LaTorella, P.E., Missouri/Kansas Chapter Executive Director, kicked off the event with welcoming remarks. He was followed by Greg Schieber, P.E., Kansas DOT Bureau Chief of Construction and Materials.  He provided the DOT’s perspectives on the state’s new 10-year Highway Program (IKE) and plans to deliver projects, many of which will to be designed and constructed with concrete.

“Due to COVID-19 concerns, we had to conduct our annual KDOT/Industry T2 event virtually, which created some initial concern over its attendance and effectiveness,” Todd says. “As it turned out, the event went off without a hitch and we had 50 participants and were able to bring in expert speakers from around the country to participate in discussions regarding a variety of subject matters.

“Overall, the topics and subject matters were well received, and plans are to prioritize and move forward with a number of the items discussed,” he says, adding, “The long-term result, agency and industry will give taxpayers higher quality concrete pavement products at a better value.“

Other presentations included one on concrete shoulder design & construction by Bryan Fox of Koss Construction Company.*  KDOT official Rob Percival, P.E., District Construction & Materials Engineer for District 3 (NW). Todd led a discussion on KDOT design & construction topics to include PAMS curing compounds and FDR subbases which have been used now on multiple KDOT projects.

Next, Ron Guntert, CEO of Guntert & Zimmerman, Mike Ayers of Global Pavement Technologies,* Bryan Beck, District Manager of GOMACO,* and Mark Snyder, PhD., P.E., President of Pavement Engineering and Research Consultants,* led a discussion on dowel bar insertion technology, placement tolerances and verification technologies, and specification development.

Larry Scofield, P.E., of IGGA and ACPA, presented on Pavement Smoothness measurement and focused on moving from PI to IRI, as well as pavement smoothness requirements, incentives/disincentives, and specification development and implementation. The presentation provided an overview of the history of smoothness measurement equipment and specifications through time.

The history included KDOT’s development and implementation of the zero blanking band and their partnership video with the FHWA in 2000 that had Coach John Madden as the narrator. Larry provided recommendations on how to transition to IRI and his most important message was to include the industry in the transition and to maintain the transition team for several years to tweak the process.

* An ACPA member.