The AHUA Policy and Government Affairs committee held its second meeting by conference call yesterday and AHUA President & CEO Laura Perrotta set the course of the discussion by presenting an overview of goals and current program status.

Co-Chairs Leif Wathne of ACPA and Ashley Jackson of NAPA led a discussion on key policy priorities  for the Highway Users. The group continues to be supportive of key priorities advocated for in recent years, such as robust, long-term funding, opposing diversion of highway funds for non-highway uses, continued responsible regulatory streamlining, and preventing unfair and discriminatory tolling on existing capacity on Interstates, among other things. The Committee is also weighing support for provisions to ensure relief funds are eligible to be used for reimbursement of contractors for COVID-19 worker protection, a point ACPA is advocating on several fronts.

AHUA is also penning a letter to House & Senate Leaders urging “Congress to provide emergency funds to State highway and transportation departments and pass a long-term and robustly funded highway and transportation reauthorization in the next relief package being debated by Congress and the Administration.”

As part of this effort, AHUA is urging Congress to shore up the Highway Trust Fund, as revenues decline from reductions in fuel consumption and sales tax revenue due to COVID-19. This investment in the highway trust fund will in turn pay for a long-term transportation authorization and help our Nation with its recovery.

“It was a productive meeting,” Leif says, adding, “AHUA is focusing on the critical, short-term needs of agencies, industry and highway users, but is also looking downfield at surface transportation legislation that will address both policy and funding issues, and as a result, will benefit the taxpaying public significantly.”

Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.