Street and Roads

Concrete streets and roads are the safest paving system available.   Concrete has better skid resistance and offers the best safety in all types of conditions.

  • Light Reflectivity is the best
  • No Heat Island absorption, concrete pavement is sustainable
  • Lasts longer, less street closures for repair
  • Produced locally, requires less energy to install.
  • Safer – no rutting or softening from weather
  • Concrete pavement absorbs CO2, reducing greenhouse gas

When it comes to streets and roads, concrete is the best pavement solution available.  Its low cost, environmentally responsible , and safer than any other paving system.   To learn more or ask a question, please click on a link below.

Streets - Technical Question

Streets - General Question

Founded in 1963, The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) is the world’s largest trade association that exclusively represents the interests of those involved with the design, construction, and preservation of concrete pavements.

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