Types of Concrete Pavements

ACPA works with our clients to select the best pavement solution for the needs of the project
Jointed Concrete Pavement
American Concrete Pavement Assn.
Jointed Concrete Pavement (JCP) is a pavement system that is widely used by both DOTs as well as municipalities. It is easy to specify and cost effective.
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Jointed Concrete Pavement

Proven Performance for DOTs

JCP is an easy to design solution that can deliver over 50 years of successful service life.

Load Transfer Devices

Dowel bars are used in pavements to withstand heavy loads and high traffic volumes with minimal joint faulting.

Economical Long-Life Solution

JCP is a proven cost-effective pavement for long lasting highways and roads.

Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement
American Concrete Pavement Assn.
Continuously reinforced concrete pavements (CRCP) use embedded steel for strengthening and eliminating transverse contraction joints.
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Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement

Longest lasting solution

CRCP is the long-term proven performer for paving. The longevity of properly designed systems is measured in decades not years.

Ideal for urban projects

CRCP service life is on the order of tens of millions of equivalent load repetitions with no repairs required, allowing agencies to reconstruct critical corridors and then stay out of the way.

Ideal for comfort

CRCP pavements with their strengthened design stay smooth for decades, longer than any other pavement system.

Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement
American Concrete Pavement Assn.
Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) pavements are built using high-density asphalt paving techniques and do not include embedded steel or load transfer devices.
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Roller Compacted Pavement

Ideal for truck terminals

RCC is often a great choice for industrial applications such as warehouse parking and freight terminal applications.

Used at heavy-load facilities

RCC is often used at rail yards, container ports and facilities with massive overhead cranes lifting multimodal containers.

Highway shoulders

RCC is increasingly becoming a chosen solution for cost effective concrete highway shoulders.

Compacted Concrete Pavement
American Concrete Pavement Assn.
Compacted concrete pavement is a variation of Roller Compacted Concrete.  CCP uses admixtures for an enhanced / smoother finish and can be placed with a high-density paver.
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Compacted Concrete Pavement

Ideal for roads and streets

When you need a textured finish, with no rebar or dowels, CCP is a great solution.

Admixtures add to Smoothness

The addition of admixtures enable this product to go through a high-density paver and retain a smooth finish.


CPP can be textured with a variety of textures, most popular is the broom finish.

Pre-Cast Concrete Pavement
American Concrete Pavement Assn.
Pre-Cast concrete panels provide an unique engineered solution for projects that need to fast tracked. Production can occur ahead of time enabling the team to prepare and place panels quickly.
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Pre-Cast Concrete Pavement

Cast in Controlled Environment

Pre-Cast roadway panels are ideal as they can be manufactured in the controlled environment of a pre-cast concrete plant and then brought to a project.

Fast Deployment Minimal Weather Impact

Pre-Cast panels are lowered into place and secured. This method is less prone to delays from poor weather conditions.

Planning is Essential

Since panels are made ahead of time, proper planning for sewer, manholes, etc, must be complete and precise.

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