The U.S. Senate yesterday evening approved the House-passed continuing resolution (CR), approving the measure with a bipartisan 84-10 vote.

Although the President technically missed the midnight deadline to sign the bill, he did so upon returning to the White House from a campaign rally in Minnesota. The action averted a government shutdown and extends the highway program until September 2021. In addition, the CR authorizes the transfer funding from the general fund to keep the to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent for the duration of the extension. The exact figures are $10.4 billion for highways and another $3.2 billion for transit.

Although ACPA applauds the one-year extension of the highway program, we are disappointed that the measure maintains flat funding and fails to include any backfill revenue for State DOTs.

ACPA will continue to work with our allies in the highway stakeholder community to urge Congress to address the state DOT revenue shortfalls as soon as possible and to use the coming year to develop a bipartisan surface transportation reauthorization that increases investment and addresses the long-term solvency of the Highway Trust Fund.

“We thank all our members, affiliates and allies for their efforts to engage Congress on our industry’s behalf,” says Leif Wathne. “When we asked you to contact the President and members of the House and Senate, you answered the call to action and expressed your support for both long-term investment and short-term relief funding for our highway agency customers. We will continue to make those points as we continue our advocacy during the lame duck period and in the year ahead.”


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